Calanders for clothing - production and distribution worldwide

Thanks to the use of clothing presses, it is possible to apply colorful graphics, photos, inscriptions, logos or advertising patterns from sublimation paper to polyester fabric. They are used to produce shirts, sweatshirts, leggings, jackets, caps, buffs and other garments. We offer many types of presses, so we can easily match them to the needs of advertising companies or clothing producers.

Clothing calendars, which we have been manufacturing for more than 15 years, enable the production and personalization of clothing, allowing customers to express their individuality through unique designs, photos or logos. They are ideal for the production of a wide range of sportswear, as well as stylish promotional T-shirts. Margot clothing calanders provide high transfer quality, durability and rubbing resistance, which means that the printed elements maintain freshness and color intensity even after many washings.

Customers and contractors will surely appreciate such a solidly made advertising medium, and users will be able to wear personalized sportswear for many years. Favorite clothes will undoubtedly look attractive and attract attention. In addition, their production using clothing presses is fast and efficient, allowing companies to fulfill orders in a timely way and deliver products to customers on time.


Heat transfer presses

In addition to plotters, Kiian sublimation inks, sublimation papers, among others, our offer includes heat transfer presses. These are specialized devices, which allow to apply graphics or patterns on various types of materials, including white polyester fabrics and knitted fabrics or ceramics.

For the thermal transfer process to run properly, the following conditions must be met:

  • use of a well-decatized, i.e. thermofix-treated white polyester fabric or knitwear,
  • equal and stable temperature over the entire surface of the heating plate (flatbed presses) or cylinder (roll presses), about 180⁰C - 195⁰C,
  • appropriate time and pressure for the substrate, about 30 - 45 seconds.

Heat transfer presses from Margot are most often used for the production of sportswear with individual designs for teams, clubs and individual players, for the personalization of clothing, the creation of promotional materials (advertising lanyards, mugs) and the creation of personalized interior decoration items (pillows, curtains, furniture seats).


Types of calenders for clothing

We offer two types of clothing calendars:

  • OIL heated drum- large-scale production (models M1250, M1660);
  • infrared (IR) heated drum - smaller print runs, shorter runs (Multi M750 model).

The machines offered by our company allow printing of meterage, as well as transfering on cutouts.