Sublimation papers with or without glue

Well chosen sublimation papers with or without glue make it possible to obtain very high quality prints on polyester fabrics and knits, as well as on materials with high smoothness, such as ceramics, metal. They are a special type of paper used in the sublimation process. This process involves the transformation of liquid ink into a form of gas, which then penetrates the surface of the substrate, such as fabric or ceramic. Sublimation paper is widely used in the advertising industry, in the production of sportswear, advertising gadgets.

The sublimation paper with glue we offer helps keep the design in place during the transfer process. The glue provides better adhesion to the final material, and also reduces the risk of the image shifting during transfer. In comparison, when using sublimation paper without glue, there is a greater risk of the design displacing during the transfer process, which can cause unattractive displacements of the so-called ghost effect. If you have a problem choosing the right product, Margot experts provide consulting services. We will be happy to answer all, even the most detailed questions.


What is sublimation paper printing?

Sublimation paper printing is a process that involves applying sublimation ink to sublimation paper using a printer or plotter with a piezoelectric head, that is, one that does not generate heat during printing.

Sublimation printing is carried out on various types of sublimation papers, which differ in weight, size and coating. Among others, customers can find sublimation papers with glue - for the production of sportswear on flatbed presses or without glue for clothing calenders.

The printing of sublimation papers is very efficient and fast, which makes it possible to obtain a significant number of printouts in a short time.