Machine for the production of advertising lanyards, pet leashes, clothing labels, elastic suspenders, shoelaces and other haberdashery products


We are involved in the development and distribution of specialized machines for the production of advertising lanyards and other haberdashery products. As a leader in this industry, we provide you with reliability, precision and innovative technological solutions. Our machines are designed with multiple applications in mind. They make it possible to produce a variety of haberdashery products with excellent precision and efficiency.

Thanks to the use of durable materials for the creation of machines for the production of advertising lanyards, these devices are characterized by an extended service life. In addition, the technologies we use increase their efficiency, so our customers can print much more tapes or garments in less time. The products also maintain high quality and sharpness, and their colors remain vibrant and durable for a long time.

When designing machines for the production of advertising lanyards, we always customize their parameters. We offer a wide range of configuration and personalization options. In addition, we provide comprehensive technical service and after-sales support. By implementing advertising lanyard production machines, your company will gain greater efficiency and precision, and your competitors will be left far behind.


Lanyard and haberdashery presses

Lanyard and haberdashery presses are specialized machines for the production of advertising lanyards, pet leashes, suspender elastic, clothing labels, trimmings, shoelaces, ribbons and other broadly defined haberdashery.


Efficient machines for the production of advertising lanyards

We offer presses in a variety of sizes and configurations, making it easy to customize them to meet the individual needs of haberdashery manufacturers. The machines can print various types of white polyester tapes.

Thanks to the use of an effective advertising lanyard machine, it is possible to produce large quantities of tapes quickly and precisely, saving time and production costs.


Calender for lanyards - characteristics of the device

The calender for lanyards available in our offer, just like the one for clothing, is a device that allows transferring the print from pre-printed paper to white polyester tapes or white polyester fabrics and knitted fabrics with appropriately selected parameters: temperature, time and pressure.

The lanyard calender can be heated either with IR infrared (model M250 and Multi M750) or with oil (other models).

The advantage of infrared heated calanders is the speed of heating and cooling. This makes them machines that are suitable for the production of smaller quantities, samples, single unique designs, etc.

The oil-heated lanyard calender is a machine with high production capacity, making it easy to print on a large number of tapes in a short period of time. This machine is essential for companies dealing with mass production of advertising lanyards, which want to offer high-quality products with attractive designs.

Each lanyard calender we offer is equipped with a unique portable tape table with guides, developed by our team. It allows you to independently adjust the guides to the width of the tapes to be heated.