Protective papers

Protective paper, also known as masking or brown paper, is essential when doing sublimation transfer printing. In our offer it is available in different widths and weights. It should be used whenever you make a variety of items using this technology. Sublimation transfer printing gives the possibility of high-quality printing of white polyester substrates, such as fabrics, knitwear, ceramics or wood. However, in order to avoid dirt that could spoil the end result, a protective paper is needed. It is a heat-resistant, ink-impermeable, barrier product. So it can be effectively used for printing on fabrics. The protective papers available in our assortment are characterized not only by high quality, but also by a competitive price. We welcome cooperation with companies involved in the production of various products by sublimation transfer printing technology, which are looking for a trusted supplier of printing media and equipment, such as sublimation plotters and calenders.


What is the protective paper used for?

The protective paper is used as a protection for the transmission belt in the calender. It prevents it from getting dirty during the transferring of the design from the sublimation paper to the finished fabrics. The calender allows you to get very durable and clear prints, but without protection of protection paper, it can create prints on which there will be unattractive stains and dirt. Therefore, the use of such paper during any transferring is necessary. In addition, this type of paper can be used inside textiles, protecting from the print being penetrated to the other side. It will also work well as a protection on the top layer of marked products, where it will create a protective barrier from any dirt.

We invite you to get familiar with the details of our offer, which includes not only high-quality protective paper, but also many other printing media. These are products of the highest quality, the use of which guarantees that the prints will be permanent, durable, resistant to mechanical damage and fading.


rolki papieru

Available widths:

• 22.5 cm:
-weight: 19 gsm;
-running meters on a roll: 700 mb

• 45 cm:
-weight: 19 gsm
- running meters on roll: 700 mb

• 62 cm:
-weight: 19 gsm
- running meters on a roll: 700 mb