Kiian sublimation inks - HD One and HI PRO series

We offer Kiian sublimation inks - HD One and HI PRO series. Kiian brand is a leader in the production of sublimation inks, known for its products all over the world.

Kiian inks are mainly used in the advertising sector, as well as in the production of sportswear. They are ideal for printing on white polyester fabrics or those containing min. 60% polyester, from which various types of sportswear, advertising clothing and home decoration items are created.


Kiian sublimation inks - what makes them different?

Kiian sublimation inks, especially the HD One and Hi PRO series, are among the most popular and efficient inks on the market. They are characterized by high quality and durability, even if you use sublimation paper with a low weight from 65 gsm (HI PRO series).

These inks are also distinguished by strong color saturation and batch repeatability. They have a wide spectrum of applications. They are ideal for producing photo-quality prints and graphics on polyester fabrics and other polyester-coated substrates such as aluminum, ceramic, and wood.

Kiian sublimation inks meet high quality standards. They have been tested for efficiency, effectiveness and safety in use. As a result, they guarantee the possibility of high-end prints without fear of being harmful to health.
The HI PRO series of higher pigmentation inks are OEKO-TEX certified.



HD ONE inks are an innovative solution for sublimation printing professionals. With the HD ONE series, you will get exceptional sharpness, color depth and smooth tonal transitions. Prints made with these inks are characterized by high durability and resistance to fading. They are used not only in the production of garments, but also advertising materials.

At Margot we use HD ONE inks, among other things, in the providing of sublimation paper printing services. We encourage you to check out our full offer. If you have any doubts, we will advise you which ink will be the best for a particular application.


HI PRO inks

HI PRO inks from Kiian are high-quality inks used mainly for high-quality sportswear. Their unique formula provides exceptional durability and fade resistance. As a result, prints are sharp and durable even after repeated washing or exposure to weather conditions.