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We are the Polish leader in the field of production and distribution of calenders for sublimation printing. On a large scale we supply and support companies in the clothing and advertising sector. At present, we have our own sublimation printing facility, guaranteeing high quality and fast processing of orders for customers from Poland and abroad.

We have the best-equipped showroom in Poland, which allows demonstration of advertising lanyard machines and sublimation calenders. We operate all over the world, exporting our products to 30 countries on 5 continents. We encourage you to get to know the full offer of Margot

We would like to highlight that we are an environmentally friendly company, so all machines and office lighting are powered by renewable sources. The convenient location of our headquarter makes it easy to reach both domestic and foreign customers. We have a design and construction office in Poznan, which allows us to produce specialized equipment adapted to the customers' needs.
You are welcome to visit our headquarter, where you can see our demonstration machinery park and receive professional advice from Margot experts. In the case of the impossibility of a personal meeting, we will be happy to make a video showing the operation of the equipment on the designs provided by you.


Margot company was founded in 1994. Since the beginning of its activity, i.e. for 30 years, it has specialized in the implementation of sublimation transfer printing technology on the Polish market, using the following methods: screen, offset and digital on plotter.

For the past 15 years, we have also been involved in the design and implementation of specialized machines:

- roll heat presses (calenders) for the production of: advertising lanyards, clothing labels, ribbons, elastic suspenders and other haberdashery articles
- flat and roll heat presses for the production of sports clothing
Our equipment is now working on 5 continents: in Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Asia.


What is sublimation transfer printing?

Sublimation transfer printing is a type of high-quality printing of white polyester substrates (fabrics, knitted fabrics, ceramics, metal sheets, wood), during which special printing inks containing sublimation dyes are first printed on special sublimation transfer paper, and then transfered onto polyester substrates (fabrics, knitted fabrics, etc.) using flat or roll heat presses (calenders). Under the effect of appropriately selected parameters: temperature, pressure and time, the dyes from the paper dye the textile or other substrates by passing directly from the solid state to the gaseous state. The dye molecules penetrate deep into the structure of the polyester substrate and fix themselves under the effect of temperature during transfering.

Sublimation transfer printing is often used in the clothing industry, especially in the production of sportswear, advertising clothing and in the production of gadgets such as promotional lanyards and mugs. Compared to other printing methods, it provides very durable and wash- and fade-resistant prints.


From concept to implementation

We have our own design and construction office, so we can make specialized equipment to meet individual customer needs. All of our machines are made in Poland.

We guarantee a complex service - from the concept to implementation. At our headquarter there is a park of demo machines. Customers have the opportunity to see their work live before purchase. If it is not possible to come in person, the customer can send us the designs of, for example, advertising lanyards, ribbons, labels, etc., and we will make a video showing the work of the machine on the specified designs.

In addition, following current trends, we try to be ecological - the electricity to operate our headquarters, production hall and show room with demo machines comes from green energy of photovoltaic panels.

It is worth mentioning that our headquarters is located in a convenient location, which allows easy access to us also for guests from abroad. We are next to Lawica airport - 500 m, to the railway station - 7 km and 4 km from the exit of the A2 highway Warsaw - Berlin.


What are the characteristics of our calenders?

The calenders we produce allow high quality transfering with fine detail and sharp colors. This is essential in the production of sportswear, advertising lanyards and other products.

One of the key issues in business is production efficiency. The machines created by Margot are extremely efficient. They provide a fast transfering process, which allows to increase the production. Our machines can be used on various polyester fabrics and knits, which are commonly used in the clothing and advertising industry.

We encourage you to get familiar with Margot's full offer and to discuss the terms of cooperation.


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