klej ecofixECOFIX PLUS – fabric adhesive..


Ecofix-Plus is an extended-action adhesive designed to hold fabrics, garments in the correct position during printing.

Does not transfer onto fabric or printed fabrics.
Does not dirt the fabrics.
Suitable for cotton, silk, wool, synthetic fabrics, cotton, mixed fabrics.
Has good heat resistance.

It is also suitable in the embroidery industry to keep the fabric stable during embroidery. When cutting, it keeps the pattern attached to the fabric while cutting.

Best results are obtained when the glue is sprayed from a distance of about 30 cm (12 ins).
Shake well before use.
Pressurized container - protect from sunlight and temps above 50ºC.
Do not perforate or burn the container even after use.
Do not spray over open flame or glowing material.
Do not inhale fumes.
Use only in well ventilated areas.
Do not smoke in the vicinity.
Keep away from sources of fire, as well as flames and sparks. Keep away from children.
Extremely flammable product.