Sublimation inks

Sublimation inks are dedicated to printing on various types of polyester surfaces, such as fabrics, knitwear, ceramics, metal or wood. Their composition is based on special pigments, which under the impact of temperature penetrate deep into the substrate and become durable and wash- and fade-resistant prints of high quality. Sublimation inks are widely used in the advertising and clothing industry, as well as in the production of gadgets and gifts with personalization.


What is the nature of sublimation inks?

We offer several types of sublimation inks: plotter inks, water-based screen inks, solvent-based screen inks and offset inks. All of them provide exceptional print quality. They should be applied directly to sublimation paper using a sublimation plotter, screen printing or offset.

This creates prints with saturated and vivid colors - they do not fade or wash off.